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The Association - Keferstein Family Association

The members of the various different spellings of the Family Keferstein* in 1892 founded the “Geschlecht Keferstein” as a cooperative with 69 members altogether. This was later transformed into the “Verein Familie Keferstein”, (The Keferstein Family Association). This club first met on October 19, 1919 in Halle, Saale for a family day on which a new statute was adopted. The club was deleted in 1948 from the club register of Halle, Saale.

Through the initiative of Gottfried Keferstein (Hamburg) and Hans-Joachim Keferstein (Bonn) the Kefersteins* were able to reunite in 1983 and the association “Familienverein Keferstein e.V.” was registered on 19.06.1986 at the district court in Bonn in preparation for the first family reunion between 04.11 – 05.11.1983 in Heustenstamm.

Today the club has more than 100 family members and supporters worldwide. The family days, which take place every two years, contribute to the realization of our goals and have already led to lasting friendships and family relationships.

  • Would you like to know more about the Keferstein* family?
  • Can you contribute more facts and anecdotes about our family?
  • Are you looking for evidence that you are related to the Keferstein* family?

Perhaps there is a real Keferstein behind the name Schmid or Muller. We would be happy to help you in the search for your ancestors with our extensive archive.

Find out how to become a member here. Feel free to contact us.

*The association’s name “Familienverein Keferstein e.V.” is intended to cover all spelling variations known to us at present namely Keferstein, Kaferstein, Kaeferstein, and Kefferstein.